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If you are seeking an optical shop in Venice, Port Charlotte or North Port, Florida, Community Eye Center’s Optical Departments have licensed opticians on staff in each of the SWFL locations. CEC Optical is well equipped to explain all of the latest eye care, lens and frame options to you.

All of our glasses are thoroughly inspected for quality and prescription accuracy before they are dispensed.

CEC Optical offers premium eyewear, sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection, contact lens fittings, eye exams, financing and much more. CEC Optical partners with Hoya Vision to provide the best lens technology for progressive lenses and lens treatments.

Community Eye Center’s full-service optical department has it all. Let them give you the personal attention and assistance not found at a big-box glasses store or anywhere else.

Optical Brands At Community Eye Center

Community Eye Center’s Optical selection includes eyewear from brands such as Costa, Nine West, Calvin Klein, Coach New York, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Silhouette, Lulu Guiness, Ted Baker London, Tory Burch, Lamb and GX by Gwen Stefani and bebe.

More About Community Eye Center Optical

Eye Exams At Community Eye Optical

Often happening gradually in adults, vision changes can go unnoticed. An annual exam is the best way to ensure that your vision stays sharp. Additionally, during a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will check your eyes for signs of serious health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, at times detecting these conditions long before other symptoms occur.

Comprehensive medical eye exams become even more important as we age because conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration become more common. Early diagnosis and intervention of these diseases can often prevent vision loss or blindness.

Also, diagnosed in eye exams are common refractive errors:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)- The patient can see near but not far – common from a young age.
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)- The patient can see far much better than near- increases with age.Presbyopia- loss of near vision, typical in patients over 40.
  • Astigmatism- irregular curvature of the cornea (the ‘clear window’ in front of the eye).

All of these common refractive errors can be treated with glasses, contacts or surgery.

Whether you in need of a routine exam or facing something more complex, our physicians are prepared to treat you. At Community Eye Center our ophthalmologists, optometrists are committed to taking the time to listen to patients and communicate with them about their condition and treatment, informing them about their eye condition(s) and the appropriate alternatives to preserve a lifetime of good vision.

Contact Lenses And Contact Lens Fittings

Are you tired of glasses but are not yet ready to consider surgical options? Contact lenses may be a great alternative for you to improve your day-to-day vision.

A contact lens is a thin plastic lens placed directly on the surface of the eye. Contact lenses are considered medical devices that can be worn for many different reasons such as to correct vision, for cosmetic reasons (to change eye color), or for therapeutic reasons (bandage lens to help protect and heal the corneal surface).

Contact lenses are available to correct a number of vision issues including:

  • Spherical contact lenses: typically corrects nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Toric contact lenses: corrects astigmatism

Presbyopia corrections present an additional challenge because of the need for a reading prescription and a distance prescription. Two main strategies exist when correcting this condition:

  • Multifocal contact lenses that are comparable to bifocal or progressive lenses with both distance and near correction.
  • Monovision contact lenses use spherical contact lenses to correct one eye for distance and one eye for near vision.

In most cases, contact lenses typically provide better vision, especially peripheral vision. We fit all types of contact lenses (soft, rigid, normal, and difficult to fit) with a goal of decreasing the dependency on glasses and providing the clearest concise vision.

It is important to keep in mind that contacts need to be properly fit by your local Eye Doctor. Proper insertion, removal, and care for contacts are required to maintain eye health. Improper fit or care for contacts can result in permanent ocular damage and loss of sight. Trust the doctors at Community Eye Center to provide you with your entire eye care needs with their many years of experience and enjoy vision without the burden of glasses.

Financing for Optical

Financial assistance is available to you for optical services and products.

Whether you need assistance with the cost of a comprehensive eye exam or purchasing eyeglasses or contacts, Community Eye Center (CEC) partners with organizations that offer financial assistance for optical services, eye exams, frames, lenses, contacts, and sunglasses.

CEC is committed to providing patients with appropriate alternatives to preserve a lifetime of good vision. For procedures, treatments and products not covered by insurance, Community Eye Center offers options such as:

  • 0% interest financing options for up to 24 months through CareCredit® and Wells Fargo
  • Low-interest financing options for up to 60 months
  • Financing options with low monthly payments

****** Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Financing available with a minimum purchase of $200. 0% interest rates are contingent on promotional offers.

Community Eye Center partners with CareCredit to offer patients financing for cataract surgery. For your convenience, you may apply in advance online.

Community Eye Center partners with Wells Fargo to offer patients financing for cataract surgery. For your convenience, you may apply in advance online.

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