Types of Lens Choices With Cataract Surgery

There is a lot of information about cataract surgery lens choices on the internet. The best and most up-to-date information will come directly from a board-certified eye doctor.

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Accommodative Lenses​

One cataract lens replacement option is the Accommodative Lens. This IOL is designed to move or change shape like the eye’s natural lens, allowing you to focus at different distances. 

Accommodative Toric Lenses

This IOL is designed to move or change shape like the eye’s natural lens allowing you to focus at different distances. With an accommodative IOL, most people find that they do not need glasses or contacts after surgery. However, some people may still prefer to wear glasses for long periods of reading or close work.

Multifocal Lenses With Cataracts Surgery​

This lens has focus zones, or rings that allow you to see clearly both at near or far distances. This means you can be less dependent on reading glasses.

Monofocal Lenses With Cataract Surgery​

This type of lens is designed to provide clear vision at one distance. Most people opt to have their monofocal lens set for clear distance vision.

Premiun Intraocular Lens Choices During Cataract Removal

In the past, cataract surgery used to be about preventing blindness; however, with the sophisticated advances in cataract removal, premium lens choices and ORA laser-guided cataract surgery, surgeons can return a patient’s vision to the way it was years ago.

Patients seeking clearer distance and night vision without glasses or the ability to see clearly across distances after cataract surgery may consider a customized surgical option with a premium multifocal implant.

MIntraocular lenses (IOLs) are used to replace clouded lenses during cataract surgery. These lenses are implanted inside the eye when the original lens is removed. This is called refractive lens exchange. There are three types of lens exchanges available:

  • Standard Monofocal IOL
  • Multifocal IOL
  • Astigmatism-Correcting IOL

At Community Eye Center, the cataract surgeons consult with patients about their vision goals and different lens options. With this individualized treatment, eligible patients may choose a replacement lens that can correct multiple eye conditions.

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